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Meet Author Bri Lynette

Bri Lynette was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina to a two-parent household where she experienced and witnessed domestic abuse at the hands of her father. Her upbringing lead to years of anxiety, depression, anger and low self-esteem. She used her love of writing poetry, journaling, and music to deal with her emotions. She is now dedicating her life to speak out against domestic violence and motivate others to deal with childhood trauma, encouraging self-growth and self-actualization. Her goal is to raise awareness and begin a positive discussion of the effects of domestic violence from the lenses of the child, which is often silenced.

She is currently writing her first book based on her life story, which takes you on a journey through her abuse, its effects, and how she overcame adversity to reach her happiness. The memoir, They Told Me To Love My Abuser, is scheduled to be released on October 26, 2019, during Domestic Violence Awareness month.

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